The Alberta Grassroot Charity Tennis Championship is pleased to announce the well deserved charities it will be working with this year.  The AGCTC has committed itself to working with Alberta’s Grassroot Charities where we feel you will truly find our exceptional Albertans doing what they do best  helping members of our community during less fortunate times.

Made By Momma

This is a group of 100% volunteers providing wholesome nourishment and nurturing care to mothers and young children facing situations of adversity and crisis. Please visit their great website to see all the great work they are doing.

Safehaven Foundation

The Safehaven Foundation is committed to keeping kids safe, off the street, in school and providing opportunities for them to build supportive, lifelong relationships that increase their self esteem and help them make positive life decisions. Please join us and help give Calgary’s vulnerable children and youth their future back!

Highbanks Society

Young mothers and their children are especially vulnerable to the cycle of poverty and homelessness. By providing housing and support, Highbanks assists in stopping this cycle and helps young mothers to reach their full potential. Highbanks provides a place to live. Safe. Stable. Affordable. Highbanks promotes continuing education by ensuring all clients are enrolled in school and complete their high school diploma. Highbanks focuses on developing life and parenting skills through a collaborative program designed to help families become independent. Our goal is for our clients to leave Highbanks as educated, confident & self-sufficient parents raising healthy, happy children. By supporting Highbanks, you can provide hope to a young mother and her child where there was none before.

Sewing Seeds

Sewing Seeds is passionately committed to empowering underprivileged persons through training, mentoring, encouraging, and supporting by offering sewing training programs, micro-credit lending, and children’s programs at home and abroad to promote transformation in the lives of individuals and communities. Sewing Seeds is presently working in Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Peru, Mexico, and Haiti. Last year we launched our pilot Beginner’s Sewing Training program at the Calgary Sewing Centre. And this year, we have just implemented our first Teacher’s Training program at the CSC. Sewing Seeds is committed to excellence and holds students to high standards of quality and professionalism. Students are encouraged to do their very best and to be all that they can be. Sewing Seeds is also committed to sustainability and social responsibility, in ourselves and the programs we offer, as well as in mentoring our students to be efficient and effective.

The AGCTC is proud to be able to help such great Albertan’s do great things for our community’s